17 Month Old Sleep Schedule

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Do you have a 17-month-old? If so, you may be wondering how best to schedule their sleep. In this blog post, we will outline a typical 17 month old sleep schedule. Keep in mind that every child is different, so you may need to make some tweaks based on your specific situation.

17 Month Old Sleep Schedule:

As your 17-month-old continues to grow and develop, it’s important to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. After all, not only does quality sleep give them a chance to rest and restore their energy level but it can also help them learn new skills and process other experiences that occur throughout the day.

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Comfortable Bassinet

If possible, have your 17-month-old sleep in a comfortable bassinet with their own mattress. It’s important to invest in a high-quality mattress that provides the proper amount of support for your little one. Also, make sure any toys or stuffed animals are kept away from the crib so they don’t disturb their sleep.

In addition, to ensure your 17-month-old gets a good night sleep, it’s important to provide them with comfortable bedding that is designed for their age range and size. Consider buying sheets made from soft fabrics like cotton or bamboo as these materials will create a cozy sleeping environment for your little one.

Establishing A Bedtime Routine

Depending on what works best for you and your little one, establishing a bedtime routine could be beneficial for helping them to fall asleep easily—this could include putting on pajamas, reading a story or two, and soft music playing in the background.

Implementing A Soothing Bedtime Habit

You might also consider implementing a soothing bedtime habit that helps promote restful sleep, such as reading a book together or giving them a simple massage before tucking them in. Not only will this cue them that it’s time to sleep but they may even look forward to it!

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Regular Nap Schedule

Besides setting an appropriate bedtime, try getting into regular napping habits ( one nap or two naps) as well. While there is no hard rule as to how much nap time your infant may need daily, most doctors recommend at least 1-3 hours of daytime snoozing per day.

Pay attention to how long your little one is awake during morning nap or afternoon nap – they may become overtired and it will be harder for them to relax during bedtime.

Again—which times work best for your routine are up to you! Ultimately there isn’t one “right” solution when it comes to creating a sleep schedule for your 17-month-old—just something that makes things consistent which may lead to happier days (and nights)!

Average Sleep Of 17-Month-Old:

Wondering how much sleep a 17-month-old needs? The average 17-month-old needs an absolute minimum of 12 hours of sleep every night. This is how their body continues to rest, recharge, and develop. Anything less than 12 hours can cause severe mental and physical fatigue for the little one, leading to an overstimulated, cranky toddler! Biologically, it is more beneficial and developmentally sound for a 17-month-old to be getting closer to 14 hours a day instead of 12 as they are in such important developmental stages.

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To accomplish this, naptimes should not just be limited to midday but carried into the late afternoon or early evening as well. The nap time windows may become longer and more intermittent but allowing their bodies ample opportunity to take a break will benefit them in the long run emotionally and physically. Their bedtime routine should be consistent and calming, an environment is conducive to restful sleeping. Keeping all these things in mind will ensure your 17-month-old stays alert, happy, and ready for the day ahead!

Stimulating Activities For 17-Month-Old During Bedtime:

Creating healthy sleep habits for your 17-month-old can be an effective way to help them get enough sleep.

Keep The Time

Try to keep the time for going to bed the same every day and stick to the same sequence of activities, such as having a bath, brushing your teeth, putting on pajamas, and reading a book or song.

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Giving them something calming like a massage or cuddles to help them relax and show unconditional love may also be beneficial.

Teach Books

Try buying age-appropriate books that teach babies about life milestones and experiences they go through as they grow up—it can be exciting for toddlers to learn new things while winding down after a long day!

Peaceful Environment

Making sure the room is dark, peaceful, and comfortable can create an environment conducive to sleeping so your toddler will keep getting better sleep.

The Importance Of Establishing Good Sleep Habits For 17-Month Old:

Establishing good sleep habits for a 17-month-old is essential to achieving quality rest and proper health. It is important to provide a routine that the child can adjust to, creating structure in their day. This routine should include eating, activity play time, wind down time, and of course sleep! During daytime naps and nighttime sleep, create an environment that is dark and quiet so that the child feels comfortable enough to drift off into dreamland.

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Creating this special environment can also reduce anxiety or fear of being alone in the dark. As your toddler sleeps for longer periods of time both during the day and night, he or she will be feeling more mentally and physically energized throughout the day. Quality sleep is instrumental in developing a healthy cognitive attitude that is key for learning new skills.

If a regular bedtime schedule does not seem to be working after regularly trying for several weeks, talking with both your pediatrician as well as a certified infant/child sleep consultant may become necessary so that you can assist your toddler in getting adequate amounts of rest every night.


What Should I Do If My 17-Month-Old Isn’t Sleeping Well?

If your toddler is having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep at night, try to establish a regular bedtime routine that includes soothing activities like reading books, taking a bath, and giving them a massage.

What Activities Can I Do Before Bedtime To Help My 17-Month-Old relax?

Taking a warm bath or shower before bed is often very calming for toddlers and can help them relax in preparation for sleep. Other activities that can help them relax include reading books, playing soft music, and giving them a gentle massage. If your toddler is scared of the dark or anxious about being alone in their room, try using some sort of nightlight to make them feel more comfortable and secure.

The Bottom Line:

Creating a proper sleep schedule for your 17-month-old is essential to their overall well-being and development. Start by establishing a regular bedtime routine that includes calming activities like reading books, taking a bath, and giving them a massage. Making sure their bedroom environment is dark and quiet can also help them feel comfortable enough for restful sleep. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your pediatrician or a certified infant/child sleep consultant if your toddler is having difficulty sleeping.

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