Jenny Chaines

About Jenny Chaines


 I’m Jenny Chaines 🙂 and I’m a mother of one beautiful baby girl. I started my journey into parenthood with the same excitement and trepidation that all new parents feel. I knew that I wanted to do everything right for my child, and Pretty quickly I focused on the things I found vital for it. One of the things that I felt was most important was finding the perfect bassinet for my child.

I started my research online and quickly realized that there were so many different types of bassinets available. After hours of reading reviews and watching videos, I decided on the type of bassinet that I wanted. However, even after making my decision, I still had so many questions. How do I know if the bassinet is safe? What are the must-have features? How can I find the best deal?

Having a baby bassinet that fits your precious baby’s needs is something all mothers want. It affects how well your baby sleeps, which in turn affects how you sleep. I was so excited when I finally found the perfect bassinet for my daughter and I want to help other mothers find the perfect bassinet for their babies too!

I decided to start a blog about my experiences with finding and using a bassinet for my baby. Through my blog, I hope to answer all of the questions that I had when I was first researching bassinets. I also share tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way. My goal is to help other parents find the perfect bassinet for their children, just like I did.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog!

Jenny Chaines